Sunday, January 6, 2013

New year, new plans

For all of you who follow me on IG, you've already seen my post about the holidays and being more "relaxed" with my diet. Well, it's time to reset. I've built myself a solid foundation of muscle, and am ready to start shredding this extra fat and bring out all those pretty cuts and definition lines. I wrote up a 9 week program that will consist of a mini 3 week bulk, 3 week carb cycle period and incorporating more cardio, and last 3 weeks of even more cardio and diet change. My weights will still stay heavy. I'm not trying to lose muscle. Cardio will consist of HIIT training an plyometric training. No long hours of unnecessary cardio at all. I've worked too hard to lose all this muscle. The first 3 weeks my diet will be all high carb basically. On my rest days, however, carbs won't be as high of course. The 2nd phase of my plan ill be carb cycling to start shredding and dropping fat. Last phase will incorporate more low/medium days and only two high/refeed days. I will not dip low with carbs even on low days. My body responds well to carbs and I don't want my muscles to suffer from it. Fruit consumption will be slim in the last few weeks as well.. Only pre/post workout. I'm determined to get started and stick to this! FYI, I forgot to put Saturday on this plan lol, but my Saturdays for the first phase will consist of 30 min. Cardio plus abs. 2nd phase will be 45 min cardio plus abs. Last phase will be 45 minute cardio/abs and calves. Please note I'm not a trainer or professional and am not posting this to make everyone do it with me. You are more then welcome to follow my plan but I want everyone to realize I'm no pro! Also, my bulk phase is short because I've basically been in building mode since August. If you're starting from nothing I would extend the bulk phase of this. Even the other two phases.. Maybe add an extra 2 weeks to each. Also I recommend keeping yor bulk clean. Many people think "bulk" means eat everything because I'm trying to get big.. No. You'll only gain extra unnecessary fat. More work for you in the end. Keep it clean!


  1. You don't do the same workouts each time do you?

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO jerk where did you go?! Come back to IG or your blog. We miss you! *tear* :(