Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The importance of meal prep-Plan ahead to succeed.

So here's a little insight about me. I'm a BIG planner, with EVERYTHING in my life. I have to know details about everything all the time (not because I'm a nosy person). Leave it to me to plan a girls night out, where we will be going, what I'll be eating, what time I'll be leaving my house, etc. It might be a little sick haha. ANYWAYS, back to the point. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, you MUST learn how to plan ahead. Why do most people fail at "eating clean"? Because as normal working human beings, we are put into situations where we might not be able to "grab something healthy" all the time. The result? Grabbing a McDonald's burger because its quick and convenient. With a little planning ahead, this can ALL be avoided. I plan everything that I'm going to eat the night before, and plug it into the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. I make sure my macro's will be on point, and this also helps me pack the exact food I'll need for the next day! I'm a hair dresser, and trust me when I say it is difficult to "find time" in between clients to scarf your food down BUT it's possible! I do it all the time! Sure, I'll have to maybe schedule clients around my lunch time, but when I say that I mean maybe a 10 minute off period! While clients are processing, I'll eat my other meals as well. There is no reason or excuse to NOT eat clean. It would probably be a lot more "convenient" for me to eat all the pastries that are put out for clients everyday and more "convenient" to pick something up to eat instead of packing it the night before. But I refuse to do that. And if you want it bad enough, you'll refuse as well. Here are my tips to healthy clean eating on the go, and planning ahead!:

  • Set aside about 2-3 hours on a Sunday afternoon, or a day off from work. Replenish groceries if needed (check my grocery list post for a list of examples!). Have a "game plan" when you get home. For instance, "Cook brown rice. While that's cooking, clean all proteins, season, and bake in the oven. Cut veggies and roast in oven as well.", something along those lines! (meal prep can get a little overwhelming if you don't have a plan!) Put all foods in Tupperware's and label "meal 2, 3,4" etc. (PS: Proteins will last in your fridge for about 3 days. Cook enough to last for 3 days, and replenish when those are finished!)
  • Plan your meals the night before. A few hours before bed, usually after dinner, I get on my handy dandy MyFitnessPal app and plan the next day's meals. I make sure everything is in check (calories, macros, etc) and then pack the necessary things to take with me! 
  • Always keep a bottle of water on hand(a gallon would be even better :p). Leave some in your trunk if necessary. Not only do you not want to resort to grabbing a hamburger, you want to stay away from those soda's and coke icee's as well! Staying hydrated throughout the day is SO important.
  • For all you ladies out there, I KNOW there's room in those purses for an apple. I always keep a few things on me besides my meals incase of an emergency. Things like almonds or other nuts, quest bars, apples, and tuna packets won't go bad if they aren't in a fridge, and are so easy to carry around! You never know when you'll get stuck in traffic, stuck at work, etc.
  • Set goals and stick to them! Don't let temptations get in your way. I am always surrounded by temptations at work, but when I have my mind set, there's no changing it (I'm very stubborn haha). Learn how to be stubborn when it comes to your diet. If someone offers you a cookie for example, don't show weakness so they can "talk you into it". The mind is so much more powerful then we think it is. If you set in your mind that you are sticking to your packed meals, then nothing should change it. Sure, cheats are okay once a week and it's okay to treat yourself, but if it isn't a planned cheat, it can get out of hand. I always like to keep my cheats at the end of the week, usually Saturday. Why? Because I know if I can hold off all week and eat clean, I'll have a treat waiting for me at the end. I know if I have a cheat on Tuesday for example, I'm going to end up wanting one again during the weekend. That is why I plan my cheats. I also recommend doing this if you plan to incorporate cheat meals. That's 1 MEAL, not day! 
So there you have it. A little guide on how to prep and plan ahead, and set yourself up for success. Remember, clean food doesn't have to be bland and boring! Incorporate different spices and find out what you like! It will make it all more enjoyable. I LOVE what I eat, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this. I love food and if I don't enjoy eating what's on my plate, there's no way in hell I'll eat it again let alone every single day. Find out what works for you and stick with it! Remember, proper nutrition is key to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. The gym is only about 20 percent of it. All that hard work you put into working out won't mean anything with a poor diet!


  1. I am a college student who commutes to school. I take the train and bus. I have no fridge to put food in when I get to school obviously so what kind of meals do you reccomend that won't go bad in my bag throughout the day? The last thing I want is to eat old nasty food that could make me sick

  2. What would you suggest for breakfast besides overnight oats? I noticed that's your go to breakfast, but I was wondering If you had something besides that or protein pancakes?

  3. they have portable lunch boxes that are refrigerated and stay cold.. check on amazon!

  4. i always stick to oats, protein pancakes, sometimes i'll have a side of egg whites but usually i just throw them in with the oats.

  5. I absolutely love love all of your posts'. It's very hard to diet and excercise when you guess and have no idea what's you're doing. (like me) I wanted to run down my diet and see if on the right track to the beginning of a successful life.
    I work 730-430 with a 2 year olds. (no time for exercise in the morning)
    Breakfast-1 scoop of Myolean in 10 oz of water
    Along with 2 scoops of fiber(=18 grams)
    3 hours after
    1 snack- Greek yogurts
    4 oz of chicken breast
    1/2 cup of steamed broccoli
    1 boiled egg(no yoke)
    1/2 cup of brown rice
    3 hours later
    Fiber bar and banana
    Eat a banana before i run
    Ive been running 3 miles everyday around 630
    And then eating my dinner.
    Repeat of lunch or substitute chicken with turkey burger or tuna
    Pills: one a day vitamin once a day

    If you have time out of your busy day and just respond back to if what I'm doing is helping me and and if I'm starting off on the right track I would greatly appreciate it more the. Words can express.
    I want to start in the gym in about a month
    Just running for now

    Thank you for your time and keep up your blogs..you're Inspiring so many women out there to start living a healthy life style!!'nmn

    1. hey there! sounds like you're on the right track but there's a few things i would tweak. For breakfast, try to have something more like oats and egg whites, it's a little more hearty and filling. drink that protein shake right after your workouts. as far as the fiber bar, toss that out of your diet. pre-made granola bars are basically candy bars with extra fiber or protein, just packed full of sugar! having a banana before your workout is great but you should also have a source of protein (quest protein bars are the best, cleanest ones check the website out).. or have your carb (banana) with a couple boiled egg whites. definitely incorporate weight lifting and cut the cardio back. maybe do cardio 4-5 days a week for 30-45 minutes and do at least 30 minutes of weight lifting! you'll scuplt your body that way and actually lose more fat because muscle burns so many calories! after you lift/run, have that protein shake! also, it appears that you don't have much fat in your diet at all. try incorporating some olive oil, coconut oil, raw almonds and nuts, nut butters, avocado, etc into your diet as well (in moderation of course). Healthy fats help burn the bad fat on your body! If you need help starting out with weight lifting, check my post for beginners! hope all of this helps a bit! <3 :)

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