Monday, August 27, 2012

A typical day of clean eating

Since I'm a hair dresser, I had to learn how to eat in between clients, and basically shove food down my throat whenever I get a chance. Since I eat every 2- 2 1/2 hours, you can imagine how difficult that might be! Well, no excuses. I still get it done some how. Even if I have to schedule my clients accordingly. It's that important to me. I've been asked to give an example of what my day would normally look like. I'll do a heavy day (leg days) and a lower day (abs or rest day), so you all can get an idea! Remember, your goals may not match mine. Your weight and height may not be the same either! EVERYBODY is different. So please, don't change everything you do now in order to "look like me". Portions for me are probably different then yours!

This is what a typical Monday leg day looks like for me (i'm off of work on mondays as well)-this is actually what my diet looked like today.)

6:15- Preworkout: 1/3 cup oats, 6 tbsp egg whites, 1/3 cup blueberries, cinnamon; cup of coffee(glutamine and BCAAS)

8:15-Postworkout: 1 scoop protein, 8 oz water; 1/2 or 3/4 banana, 1 rice cake(glutamine, and BCAAS)

9:15-Breakfast meal 3-  oats (cooked with almond milk, flax meal, egg whites, protein powder, cinnamon, etc)topped with pb2 and blueberries; green tea

12:30-meal 4- small green apple, 2 rice cakes or ezekiel toast

2:30-meal 5- 2 1/2 oz whole wheat penne, 3-4 oz lean filet mignon steak, 1 tbsp hummus, sriracha, and 6 asparagus spears

4:30-1 baked sweet potato topped with 1/2 quest bar

7:30-Baked tilapia, 1 cup brown rice, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 cup roasted cauliflower, mixed greens with balsamic

8:30-green tea

9:30-casein peanut butter mousse

Tuesday-lighter day (abs only, this is just an example)

6:30- Preworkout- 2 rice cakes, coffee

8:45- Postworkout- 1 scoop protein powder, 8 oz water, 1/2 banana

10:00-protein pancakes, topped with pb2, blueberries, coconut oil (refer to recipe post); green tea

1:00-2 1/2 oz whole wheat penne, 1 chicken breast, 1/2 cup brocolli, 1 tbsp hummus

4:00- Oatmeal smoothie (oats, almond milk, spinach, blueberries, egg whites, pb2, flax, etc)

7:00-Oatmeal crusted turkey burger, quinoa, 1/2 cup brocolli, 1 tbsp hummus

8:30-green tea

9:30-Chocolate cottage cheese with peanut butter ( refer to recipe post)

Proof, that food is NOT the enemy. I eat like a beast, to look like a fox ;-) your body NEEDS food to function. In order to grow lean sexy muscles, you must put CLEAN nutritious food in your body! I'm probably intaking more carbs then a person trying to maintain or lose weight, but my situation is a little bit different. When trying to gain or "bulk", intake and portion sizes are a bit different. But even before I increased the carbs, even 2000 calories wasn't enough for me. The more muscle on your frame, the more calories you burn just by being alive. Which means your metabolism is faster, which means your body needs MORE FOOD! Honestly, it's all trial and error. Everyone is different so it's hard to say what I do will work for you, or what you do will work for me. Experiment and see what your body and what it doesn't like. My body is not carb sensitive at all. I still remain fairly lean considering the amount of carbs i'm taking in. Don't fall for diet gimmicks and companies that swear there product will help you lose weight! and DO NOT fall for the little 3 day diets, cabbage soup diets, juice fasts, ITS ALL BS! Just eat clean wholesome NUTRITIOUS food. Plain and simple. Your body will thank you, and you'll thank yourself after you see the results ;-)


  1. And I thank you for doing this post just after the day I wrote the comment! You're a real fitspration and motivator :) Keep up the great work!

  2. hey I looove your blog & the articles you write! I do have a short question, I'd I do hiit after lifting weights, should I drink my shake etc. in between or better after hiit???

  3. if you're doing cardio immediately after your weight training session then just have your shake when you're done with everything!

  4. this is really helpful thank you! I just have a few questions though. I'm 5 ft 2in tall and weight about 124 with about 23 % bf. I'm trying to lower the bf% to 15% and gain as much muscle as possible. I know you say to focus on gaining muscle first by lifting heavy and eating clean. I've been lifting really heavy for almost 2 months now, barely do cardio and eat very clean. I'm trying to not look at the scale anymore because it hasnt changed lol. But I'm just wondering how much I should be eating, calories and macros. I know the breakdown should be 40:40:20. but I've been doing all those online calculators and it says to eat about 1500 calories...that seems like too little when you are trying to build muscle..100g of carbs and proteins confusing :/ and the 1500 is before exercise or counting exercise because i probably burn about 300-500 calories 6 days a week when I work confusing! lol please any insight would be appreciated!

  5. i know this can all be confusing. in my experience, personally, 40-40-20 wasn't doing it. everyone is different so figure out what works for you. i'd say up the calories to 1800, and maybe 1900 or 2000 on leg days or heavier days. 100 grams of carbs and protein isn't going to cut it lol.. multiply your weight by 1.5.. so more around 180 grams of protein. maybe up your carbs around that too, and slowly keep upping the numbers if you dont see changes.. just mess with your macros to see how your body reacts. after you've built that muscle then you can start leaning out!

  6. If I workout in the afternoons, whens the best time to incorporate a protein shake (I currently don't eat them now)? I usually make dinner right after my workouts (get home around 6-630). So should I be making a protein shake before the workout, after, or after dinner?