Sunday, August 26, 2012

Women and Weight Lifting

One of the biggest misconceptions about women and weight lifting-"I dont want to lift weights because I dont want to look manly." Really now? Let me just break this down for you all. It is VERY hard for women to build muscle. We do not have the testosterone levels that are necessary to get "bulky". Even if you're lifting heavy weights! Body builders use steroids to aid them in building that much muscle! Lifting heavy weights will give you curves in all the right places! Women have the ability to build there bodies and curves, and they think cardio is what will give them sexy lean muscles! WRONG! Extended amounts of cardio will burn through muscle and leave you looking skinny but not tight! Playing with 5 lb beauty bells won't make a difference either. Your purse probably weighs more than that! GO HEAVY! DON'T BE AFRAID! PUSH YOUR LIMITS!' Your body listens to anything your mind says. Also, protein powder WILL NOT make you fat/gain weight/gain bulk. The only way you'll "gain weight" is if you eat over your daily caloric needs. Protein is crucial in our diets! High protein diets along with the combination of weight training and cardio will help you get the sexy lean "toned" muscles that most women want to achieve! Get in there with the boys and don't fear those weights ladies!

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